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About Planet Turtle

for Grades K-5

Serious Math. Intensely Fun!

Planet Turtle is the first serious instructional system to use the same kind of technology that keeps children glued to their video games.

It gives students the interactivity that rivets their attention while boosting their math education. It's imaginative and fast-paced, with highly-engaging graphics and social interaction—and most important—continuous advancement to higher levels as the student masters each challenge.

But the content is serious. It's serious math skills practice aligned both with curriculum standards and each teacher's classroom program. Teachers can set up Planet Turtle to match their classroom instruction. As students progress, teachers can use the system to observe and evaluate performance, then adjust the curriculum as they wish.

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Students enjoy and learn from the instant feedback on their progress. The proprietary Planet Turtle system instantly and automatically delivers individualized content in response to individual performance. Students practice problem solving, become self-directed learners, and learn collaborative skills as they work together to reach new levels.

Unlike the instructional technology of the past—simplistic games that left the teacher out of the equation or digital versions of printed activities—Planet Turtle brings true technological innovation to student-centered, teacher-led education. With Planet Turtle, students become intensely engaged in building computational fluency.

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Planet Turtle
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