CINCH Learning


Tools for Success

CINCH Learning provides versatile online capabilities that engage all students with:

  • Animated tools that help teach learning concepts
  • Engaging learning skills practice
  • Targeted instruction
  • Individual Action Plans

These tools provide students with more control to organize and prepare for lessons and upcoming tests.

Students take charge of their learning

Students log in to a personal account and manage their assignments with online teacher supervision. If they miss a lesson or simply need a concept explained to them again, CINCH tutorials are a great resource. With access to interactive tools and games that adjust to their skill level, students have the true advantage of learning in the digital age. Additionally, students can move forwards or backwards on their personalized calendars. This makes it easy for students to prepare for upcoming lessons and tests, and allows parents to help supervise homework

True Interactive Engagement

The technology in previous learning programs has been disappointing—often nothing more than an online version of the print program with simplistic games for drill. These programs failed to take advantage of how real interactivity engages the mind and promotes learning.

CINCH Learning supports an active learning style, with teachers and students face-to-face and engaged by rich and versatile technology. The visual, interactive whiteboard experience reaches multiple learning styles and helps build important learning concepts. Instruction comes alive in their familiar, digital world, and graphics and animation powerfully convey learning concepts. Plus, content is accessible from any computer.

Individualized and Targeted Instruction

With the help of CINCH's extensive resources, teachers can customize lessons for the needs of each class, even adjusting lessons while they teach. Through built-in, ongoing assessment, they can provide each student with their own optimal mix of learning concept instruction and learning practice. And when used with student response systems, teachers receive instant feedback and 100 percent student involvement.

Options are also available for English Learners, Special Needs, and RTI.

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